Thursday, July 23, 2009

Golden Fights (I)

It was a night of legitimate female bouts in San Francisco many years ago (1988?) and was named the Golden Gate Tournament. The venue was somewhat improvised (what was that? an airplane hangar?) but the fights were pretty good.

Here comes a sample of the first combat between Daphne and Laurie.

More to come.


  1. I had this vid years ago - it was my favourite for some time. the woman in blue in the first match looks a little like Zora?

    My favourite match on this tape - which appeared on YT for a while - was Lora versus her long-time nemesis, a woman whose name escapes me (black curly-hait, not a FBB but well-built.) Great wrestler although I think Lora may have bested her that night.

  2. Great clip.

    If the video from which it came is still available or if anyone can ID it if different from the tournament name (I can only spend so much daily time checking the producer sites, scouring E-Bay, etc.), I'd like to know for possible, eventual purchase.

    Much appreciation for that tournament clip.

  3. It is available on Tigra Sports site in the clips section (