Thursday, July 2, 2009

Into The Warehouse

This belongs to the raunchy catfights category and was shot somewhere in France. Notice the audience confortably seated on beach chairs, surrounded by piles of cartoon boxes, while admiring the fighters plentiful red cheeks.

Tigra Sports used to sell this video. More on this series of raunchy catfights next Thursday.


  1. Qui a organisé cela et où?

  2. I will open an exception here, but English only, please...

    They are a Tigresses video ( Combats de Salopes à l´Entrepôt. I could swear Tigra Genesis also used to offer it, but it is not on their site.

  3. It is also available at L.Scott Sales site ( under the Tigresses section.

    As to the original question, it appears it was held in the outskirts of Paris.