Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Beauty, Two Names (Or Three?)

One of the first VHS tapes (yes, that existed...) I bought was one Golden Girls with Lynn Marie. I got amazed by her beauty and the voluptousness of her body. Breasts, hips, legs, all in perfect proportion and topped by an angel face.

Sometime later I got the opportunity to watch for the first time a Joan Wise movie and quickly realized that her catfighter Treena was Lynn Marie. With one or two extra pounds, but still delightful.

Below we have some clips of our goddess of two names.

For a while, I wondered if LynnTreena had fought on the nude anytime. One day, I rented a Savage Video production and I swear, there she was, stark naked! LynnTreena, but with a different name: Noel??? I really do not remember.

There will be a second installment of LynnTreena next week.


  1. is there any way to expand the screen?

  2. Blogger video player does not expand to a full screen (as far as I know...). But you can download the video with an add-on (like Real Player) and watch it on your computer with the screen size you want.

  3. Lynn got naked at California Wildcats years ago. Some title like Big-Breasted Brawl or something like that.

  4. Yes, you are right: this is the link to the producer site:


  5. We may be talking about the same match, but Lisa Marie (or whoever) certainly engaged in a nude facesitting contest with a lady named Jacqueline.

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  7. is Lisa Marie = Lynn Marie = Treena Collins??? Amazing...

    I have watched dozens of movies with them and never realized they are the same person!