Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Thrilling Erotic Rarity

That was the line in the poster of the movie "Christina" (1984), referring to the actress Jewel Shepard as the new (well, in 1984...) sexy star and ... wow! look at the initial bath scene to see that had not been an overstatement: probably the sexier breasts in the movies industry! The whole thing was a sexplotation feature from the 80s, with overt lesbian tones and a couple of catfights on the screen.

Much later, Jewel starred Caged Heat 2 (1994), in the Women in Prison (WIP) category, with more fighting but with a lesser exposition of her assets.

The final scene in the video below is from Roots of Evil (1992), presenting the prison sequence where she contributes with... what else could be?


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