Monday, August 31, 2009

Battle of Stars (10): Ana Paula vs Robin

The headline for this entry could be "When Entrepreneuses Collide" since Robin became a female fighting video provider later on. At that time, Ana was the boss but Robin was not shy in applying some vicious moves on her. Funny to see these veteran wrestlers at these early stages.

Just two comments on their present activities:
  • Robin has recently produced a live event with top caliber wrestlers like Christine Dupree, Helen von Mott, Kristie Etzold, herself, and other half a dozen names. I am looking forward to watch the produce!
  • I have been a customer of APL for a while and they have always been a reliable provider. I have read some negative comments on them - " they do not deliver what they promise", "completely fake", which I do not agree with.

1 comment:

  1. Yes it is noted that it is semi-competitive, however it is quite a weak video as they are not serious at all.... Robin I know has many very competitive tapes and this offering would not make me interested in any of Ana's tapes as a competitive wrestling fan.

    With all of Ana's tape the question is how honest is she in her descriptions and when choosing a DVD.