Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sand, Sun And Sea

It is summer peak in the northern hemisphere and our girls are fighting on the beaches. The first part of the video has a sample of Artemis and Iris rolling over the sand for Fighting Style, followed by a brief snapshot of a spontaneous brawl by the water and ending by a WOW tussle - over towels in this case.



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  2. That was good !

    Regarding the "brawl" by the beach, I just love it ! when the camera allows those innocent surfers and bystanders to briefly get into the view without disrupting anything and act like nothing's going on.

    It'l like ... well, ... it's like it's so amusing when these poor souls just happen to gaze over, see a care-free fem "brawl" going on for fun, maybe look for a while and then saunter off like there's nothing to get excited about !

    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ...

    R-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght ! ...)

    Cheers !

  3. Even is these girls are not as skilled as the ones from dww they bring a lot of passion in the fight