Monday, September 14, 2009

Battle Of Stars (12) : Tina vs Everyone Else

No, it is not an handicap match with the "Tiny Dinamo"; when I was organizing Tina´s files, I noticed that many of her bouts had not appeared here and there were two against Robin, one against Ana Paula Leal and one against Christine Dupree; so, I there are enough justifications for a Battle of Stars label.

We have the following Tina´s fights in the video: three boxing clips against Candi (Leather & Lace), Robin (for Joan Wise?) and Christine Dupree (Leather & Lace), three wrestling from TPC (the last one against Robin), Robin again and Ana Paula for APL, a nude wrestling from Leather & Lace, a catfight against Francesca (California Wildcats?) and, finally, the best one, a nude competitive match facing Orsolya by DWW.



  1. Thank you for this magnificient look of Tina, the little Swedish sexy bomb. If you had her fighting you could be sure that she was giving everyone around a very hard time. A real joy to all viewers. The famoust of Tina's fights is the one against Eveline from dww in my opinion.

  2. tina antman is great does she still wrestle