Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fight Club Returns

In 1999, a movie called "Fight Club" got much attention due to the raw fights held in underground clubs where no-rules was the rule. Ten years later, an women´s community - The Suicide Girls, pays homage to the movie through a photo shooting of their members in a similar venue. If you want to know more about these girls, check here and here. I do not know much else about them, but I loved their motto: "for the scumbag in all of us"...


  1. Nice collage ...aside from the 'staged' fighting; if I didn't know better I would have guessed this was an advertising commercial for 'LA Ink'.

  2. " ... was an advertising commercial for 'LA Ink'. "

    Ha ! - Good comparison.

    Collage-wise: Excellent

    Subject-wise: Crap.

    (I know, ... I know, ... I tend to be too judgemental.

    Sorry, bad habit of mine.)

    I just don't get it: What's the Big Turn-On other than a name that flops and topless fems in a fake setting ?

    Somebody's going to have to explain it to me ...