Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just In Case

Just in case you have missed it, there is a new slide show on the page top right with embarrassing views of our heroines. The one below is from DWW.



  1. Provided they aren't too blatant I don't see anything embarrassing about crotch views (actually, they can be very sexy).

    (BTW--I see the DWW pic and the upper right corner of the blog is labelled "Wrestling Crotches" but shows zilch.

    Unless it's my browser what happened to it ?)

  2. I really appreciate your wise comments, Panther...

    As to your remark about the blank screen in the "Crotches Show", it might be a browser problem. I have to use 3 different browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chroma)to manage/view the blog because I get stuck every moment in some flaw: theaters do not load, editing does not work, embedded videos disappear, and so on...

    It might also be an Internet overload problem: you get a timeout if your browser does not get a file after some time.

    WWW: web wonderful world...

  3. Thanks for the 4-1-1.

    Firefox is showing everything A-O.K.

    Thanks again.