Monday, September 21, 2009

Legends (16 ): Not Much Spicy, Please

Sorry for the lousy word playing, but I could not resist: the post is about Spice Williams, another veteran still active. I got to know her in the venerable Golden Girls show, playing the strong woman amongst the fragile beauties. And show it was, because of the liitle competition there, if any. I had always hope of seeing Spice in a topless attire but that never happened; as far as I know, never later on either.

An expert in several fighting sports, she has developed a career as a stunt woman, like others in the female wrestling arena, like Magnificent Mimi. She had to overcome personal problems as she describes on her personal site. Wikipedia has also a brief resumée of her accomplishments. She is apparently developing a succesful career also as a stunt coordinator appearing in movies like "Bare Knuckles".

Let us see her wrestling side: after some pictures (one with the only sexy outfit I ever saw), there are some clips of Spice at Golden Girls - against Leora and Belinda (they look very outdated for today´s tastes...). Then, few seconds of competitive wrestling for Premier Productions against Jennifer and Doughdee; and finally, her period for Double Trouble against Heather, Jewell, Quisha and (masked) Lela.

The video ends with her fighting appearance in the movie feature "Revamped".



  1. Great stuff - thanks so much. My first VHS was a PP one with Spice against two women (but not this one I think - Joanna something - a real-life cop?

    How did she do in the two PP competitive matches?

    She played a great heel, fun to watch.

  2. Thanks, markleilani2000, for your comments. I have very few images about Spice competitive career: it does not reach a single minute!

  3. A-a-a-a-a-a-h !!! ...

    The very ravishing & talented Spice Williams ...

    This fem will go on for an eternity.

    One of my fave fem wrestlers/competitors.

    She's been featured in so many venues over her career (wrestling; fitness & bodybuilding; nutrition; Star Trek movie and other acting; etc.); is there anything she can't do ?

    I would say hardly, if at all. She's just an eternal beauty with talent par excellence.

    Really good composite clip.

    Much Thanks.