Thursday, September 10, 2009

Real Power

To fans of sheer power, there go three segments of muscle wrestling: Kris Luebke vs Thea Bennington for Joan Wise, Kelly Dobbins vs Kimmie Kat for SheWrestles and Annie vs Heather for MuscleUp Productions. I do not like this sub-genre every day (or week) but once in a month ...



  1. awesome post! I do love to see fbb wrestling and showing off their strength. Renee O'neil and Christine Marshall come to my mind when I think about decent FBB wrestlers. I think the last vid is from premier productions?

  2. Yes, thanks. I also love watching FBBs wrestle. They're not always the greatest wrestlers but such power. (Kelly Dobbins is an exception - she's an excellent grappler. To No doubt's list of Christien Marshall and Renee O'neil I would add Trevelyn and Sally McNeil and Ziggy (if she can be considered an FBB).

  3. Great composite clip.

    I have to say I could see full-figured, fem bodybuilders all the time.

    I really admire 'em.

    Much Thanks.

  4. I wish somebody would post Kris Luebke and Laura Vukov locked in doubleheadscissors from Joan Wise Productions.