Sunday, September 6, 2009

Theather Three: Body Scissors

New scissors on the Blog: body scissors. New to the Theaters, of course, because they are frequently used in female fighting.

The two joined clips are the usual compensation for YouTube protection to our image sensitivities. The first has two of the sexiest wrestlers I ever saw in a ring but I am not sure who was the producer; the second is from Fight Time Video.



  1. Hmmmm ...

    The pro of the 1st portion bears a strong resemblance to the Genesis Wrestling Series or Double Trouble but I could very well be wrong ...

  2. Again, as an afterthought for the 1st part, the only other pro that comes to mind offhand would be Marty of Video Sports Ltd and California Wildcats.

    ... again, I could very well be wrong.

  3. I have found a video from Arena-Girls vol.15 (where are the other volumes???) where the fighters look like the hotties in the first segment.