Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedgies Forever

One old wedgie, one more recent and one not welcomed: these are the sequences in the video below. The first is likely a Student Fetish video, the second (and the best) is from Chaos and the last one from Femwin. This later one is curious: the girl in red did not like the natural wedgie on her bottom and came back fighting with an extra pantie underneath!



  1. I've never been a fan of wedgies, never. Actually, to me they've always been a Big Turn-Off.

    I think of 'em as baby stuff that's stupid & dumb and as crap-for-skill moves that show the wedger is a dunce.

    I understand why some people like 'em but I don't understand why the fems who use 'em are so desparate that they do use 'em. If it's not desparation but a sheer desire to inflict sex pain to gain the upper hand I have a piss-poor view of the fems who use 'em.

    The wedgie just seems to be a neanderthalic, retarded move, imho.

  2. The second part is great !!! And the third funny...

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