Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where Has That Blog Gone?

A Blog reader has made an alert that the Eurofighting Girls Blog is no longer active. Does anybody know what happened?

By the way, all blogs that deal with sensitive subjects - like this very one, are prone to be disconnected at any time. Let us not forget the copyrights issue: nobody will be successful for much time using images from somebody´s else. I reaffirm my "deal" with owners: I use a sample, I mention the source (if I can identify it...) and they benefit from increased traffic. Any legitimate owner desiring I stop exposing their property, just drop me a note and I will take the images out.

Other issue is PORNOGRAPHY: yes, that is it, my friends: we might talk about fetishes, wrestling sport, funny things, etc, but in reality we could very well be considered a site for exquisite perverts. There is an warning for adults only at the Blog´s entrance but that is perfunctory these days. I try to be very careful but sometimes it is impossible to watch out all the implications of a given post. For example, minors: some of the Japanese wrestlers seem to be too young to appear in wrestling erotic videos: are they over 18 years old? how is the law in Japan?

Enough for today. If this Blog also disappears, you already have the possible reasons.


  1. A certain female in Chester has a reputation for reporting site.Other site have noted that they have received warning messages from Yahoo regarding Terms and Conditions

    I did enjoy EFG as well as Killertube and it is a great shame they have gone

  2. Yeah, I noticed the disappearance of EFG several days ago with the notice that it's being looked at for possible Terms-of-Service (TOS) violations and is currently being restricted to KaKlaus5's access only (the blog's author).

    Will this crap ever end ?

    This is just another retarded example of the blogosphere's butt-brain gestapoes trying to suffocate it.

    KaKlaus5 was basically just following astrogalo's "deal" (a very good "deal," for any blog author, imho).

    It's about time I shot Google my own hell supporting KaKlaus5 and EFG ... It's time Google heard from his blog's supporters, not his bullshit denigrators.)

    (BTW--I have to say neither this excellent blog nor KaKlaus5's EFG can ever be realtistically attached to pornography. The morons out there who think we're a bunch of pervs are so infantile they couldn't even suck their own thumbs.)

  3. Ask the lads at nhbcatfight which unfortunatley is non existent.I used to buy downloads from them.When their site when off line i sent an email to them asking why? the reply was that that had been reported for using paypal.Paypal then decided to withhold their money in which nhb challenged,Paypal soon caved in and also advised them that a Mrs Simone Sides reported them.It all make sense as previous to this Simone Sides was posting comments on Network 54 combat sports slagging off their work using the name of Michael Moore.Her ip address gave it away.So be this is fact not rumour.

  4. It is obvious that Klause's site has been reported by a small minded individual.There are too many blogs for Google to police so therefore it must of been someone who took exception.

    The catfight/wrestling world is full of jealously and what makes me sick is the constant bumping of post on femfight2006jp by bitchfightuk and catzreview.Before these two came along there were no pettiness and each producers did their work and let the fans decide.I have been a female fight fan for over 30 years but the small mindedness that is going on is certainly devaluing my interest.

  5. I really enjoyed Euro Fighting Girls and feel sorry for Klaus.I think he was just a victim of the small minded people who have blighted the female fighting world.His blog allowed people to share information and express their views and we all know a certain lady in Chester takes exception to critics or sites that pose a threat.I do hope that this one does not become a victim.

  6. aaronx tv has also gone it seems a bleak month for catfight fans.With Killertube and Euro Fighting Girls now finished.I guess i will stick with Danube as i cannot abide bitchfightuk,catzreview and American role play wrestling.It all models,fake and an insult to real fighting

  7. I didn't go to Killertube but on another forum another veteran producer was glad it 404'd.

    It apparently was posting blatantly stolen videos/products so much (no credit; no attribution of copyright ownership; etc.) that the forum-hosting site agreed it was better off dead than alive.

    If true (and I suppose it was) I have to agree.

  8. I quite understand Panthers comments about Killertube.However,it is a big loss as many unseen fights were posted.There are so many stolen photos and clips on the internet i guess its only a matter of time for it comes to light.
    I still believe that EFG was taken offline as it was subject to a personal report.The female fight world is so boring with nothing new but fake fights.Call me old fashioned but i will stick to my old Festelle videos

  9. If that is the case about Killertube then Dailymotion and You Tube fall into the same case.

    I personally believe there is someone who is reporting site and getting them closed down and what i have read elsewhere it seems the culprit lives in Chester and runs her own website.

  10. Anybody who post on Femfight2006 and freecatfights are taking a risk with their website.The amount of sites that have disappeared is incredible.Either they have been reported for contents or using paypal the finger points to those websites.I do believe that a certain person living in North West England and her band of muppets do contribute to the downfall of others.