Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Site Is Back Again

Klaus is back on the Web, now with FemFighting Europe instead of EuroFighting girls, which still is under a ban. Welcome back !



  1. Great to see Klaus back.Let hope the small minded person leave the blog alone.Rumour has it the reporter comes from Chester.

  2. Just checked Killertube.They might have a server problem or it has gone offline again.

  3. I saw Killer was off this afternoon. I hope it's just a server problem. At least for me it leads me to buying from certain producers I normally wouldn't have, so I see free clips like these helping sales for the producers.

    But certain producers hate the idea so much they'll do whatever they have to to stop it or at least have their stuff removed. Let's hope it's just technical stuff.

  4. Killertube is a great site.It allows us to view producers products before we buy.There is so much rubbish about at the moment like Bitchfightuk and Catzreview,i am cautious to whom i buy from.Lets hope it is a technical fault as producers must realise that sites like Killertube can assist in sales.

  5. Regarding Killertube --

    I don't give a shit if it's a server problem or some black hat just put 'em in his crosshairs:

    If Killertube would only stop being stuck on stupid and either: a) get a pro's permission or, if unable, b) not be so gung-ho about their blatant product theft then maybe they wouldn't get their guts busted.

    The producers love publicity provided it's done RIGHT by them.

    This has been said before so many damn times are any of you Killertube advocates paying attention here ? ...