Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good, Better,The Best

In this grapevines championship, the bronze medal goes to Academy Production AX72, the silver one to California Supreme and the gold to APL334 Dakota vs Nadege. It is a matter of personal taste, of course.



  1. Thanks so much. I liked the first one best owing to the muscularity and attactiveness of the women. The third was my second choice, because I find shaved pussies sterile.

  2. I see grapevines in a different way than most of you, I guess. I like the hold because of the entwined legs , not because of the crotch view .

    I've been forever cursing out the camera people in nearly every company because they do one of two things when the girls get into a grapevine ; either zoom in to the upper bodies ( I guess to show the mashed breasts ) or move behind and zoom into the crotches ( which I can get better views of on a porn site if I want ).

    The one company that does the best filming over all, and showing the grapevines as I like to see them ( often using an overhead view ) ... is Ultimate Surrender. The crazy thing is that they have more revolving around the porn aspect of girl wrestling than any other but film the wrestling better than any other site by far.

    I'm not into their 'Round 4' at all ( or the girls wearing wrestling shoes ) but their wrestling and camera work are great.