Friday, October 23, 2009

The Most Intimate Thong

Wrestlers in thongs are specially sexy (sometimes more than in fully nudity, shrinks can explain the reason...) but there is one model of these minimal pieces of fabric that makes my mind; they are the ones with a dental floss in the back, invading without any consideration the most intimate parts of the fighter girl. To illustrate my fetish, there go three fine examples: Double Trouble, Premier Productions, with Ziggy as a model, and an old catfight from Munich Wildcats.



  1. By Hank:

    Re Ziggy and thongs by the way, best was her versus C.C., PP 101 I think. Great thong, and very short pubic hair shot, and most importantly, superb competitive wrestling. The fitness models in Premier's later period just didn't have it.

  2. lol...astrogalo makes it sound like the fitness models on the new pp vids have no pubes :D

    Speaking of butt string awards, I became a fan of xana & jessie's vids on amazon productions recently <3