Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker Goes Catfighting

As the other star we have uncovered fighting naked on a ring, this time I have found an young Sarah Jessica Parker in an erotic catfight against Nancy Novak in this Joan Wise (?) production.

Hey, folks, it is just a joke... but this "Sarah" is an impressive clone anyway!


  1. Wow, talk about a celebrity look-a-like ... she does look a lot like Sarah !

    I always wondered why some 'gimmick' wrestling companies didn't do this more ... having a couple of their models who look like famous actresses,singers, etc wrestle each other. I know some have and still do it with female fantasy heros like Wonder Woman, etc but this was the first one I saw that resembled a popular actress .

  2. Well ...according to her nose ... eeuuhmm, her nose ? .. Yes her nose I would have guessed this is Raven(DT, Womens Warriors etc) when she was very young.

  3. Yes, Airlock_km, I think you have guessed right: It might well be Raven, in a blonder and younger version... She has always had this erotic side.