Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tapping Out (11): A Chic Fight Club

Everything is upscale in this Foxy Combat production: the place, the referee, the fight, the bikinis and the fighters: what stunning beauties they are! The cherry on top of the cake is the submission Juliana applies to Monika.

Video removed by copyright owner request (Foxy Combat)


  1. Great post! I love Foxy Combat! I just wish they had a bigger library of videos to watch :(

  2. Very nicely done. Seconding the comment above.


  3. I fully agree with Nodoubt.

    I'm sure his comment about a bigger library is in jest (despite the frown emoticon); hell, it's one of the damn biggest I've ever seen.)

    Really good clip.

    Much Thanks & Appreciation.

  4. Great agressive fighting. Are they producing DVD's yet?

  5. Yes, they are very active at http://www.foxycombat.com/ (btw, with a very well designed web site)

  6. These 2 slim, even rather skinny girls, are so sexy & beautiful when struggling for dominance! I especially love their exciting toned bods and fine sexy musculature... so beautiful on a girl/woman!! More like this, please! :)