Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yes, They Were Back, But ...

Enjoy yourselves: KillerTube is back, with a few changes (e.g., no embeddable players) but all the fights are there.

Not anymore, folks...


  1. Great News.I am off to look.sorely missed.

  2. Just seen the news.Gone is the depression of watching crap and looking forward to see some good archive female fighting.

  3. Thanks for the heads up !

    I thought it was gone for good ....

  4. Look, I haven't been there but if they haven't turned over a new leaf (stopped any blatant video theft) they're probably going to be shut down again.

    If they're just a re-hash of what they were before I won't support 'em and, more importantly, neither will the producers who will again justifiably stomp on their butts like before.

  5. I think Panther100 has a good point...

  6. You would figure the companies that advertise on that site would have given them some samples. Nah, it seems that just protected them from copyright theft. :)

    Hey, anyone know what happened to Cattfights/MixedOilWrestling/LethalBitches/etc...?

    Their sites no longer exist and I have something like 250 of their videos downloaded. Would posting parts of those vids on KillerTube be unethical?

  7. Is Killertube down again already?

  8. FWO said,

    " Their sites no longer exist ... Would posting parts of those vids on KillerTube be unethical? "

    If any of their videos (their own original ones or those of other producers) were copyrighted and the copyrights are still alive time-wise then, yes, it would be unethical to post full-blown videos of those products (maybe also even parts). If there were no copyrights or the copyrights are dead then, no, it would be all right.

    If the copyrights are still alive although you could say it would be unethical to post even just parts I don't really think it would because parts (clips) are not really full-blast, complete, outright and blatant product theft (imho).

    Just my views ...

  9. Oh well, at least I enjoyed a weekend of watching some great old vids.