Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Undergarments

One more in this sub-genre series: women fighting in black lingerie. First segment is from Triumph Studios (notice this footage came from the Aaronzx10Tv, one clip provider that stayed live for months and now has gone) and the second is from an unknown source to me.



  1. Hello!
    The second one...well, looks like an old CATFIGHT CENTRAL short clip...:-)))

  2. Aaron's TV is gone?
    Such a shame.

  3. Yeah, these look familiar but they are still (and always) much appreciated.

    These are prime examples of what I mean when I say quality can be totally separate from winning or losing. These clips were just great on content, period, and, when it comes to winning or losing, who in the hell cares ? ...

    They're all winners.

    Much Thanks, again.