Monday, November 2, 2009

Fighting Star (14): Better Later Than Never

Several Blog readers have mentioned Kristie Etzold as one of their favorite women fighters. Due to my lack of attention, it took more than one year to feature this veteran - still active, as one of the legends in the trade. Well, let me try to fix the failure.

I have to confess I had not paying much attention to Kristie during my long career as a female fighting fan: it seems that she was always in the losing side of the fight and had not remarkable body features. So, she looked like a secondary character in that world.

I have changed my mind when I found out she has one of the longest resumées in the business, having started at the venerable California Supreme (one might see her above against Dupree for CS) and still active today. Another remarkable thing is the fact she has fought practically all the stars: Robin, Nadege, Tania, Ziggy and others.

The first video selection has Kristie beginnings with her fighting for Triumph (not 100% sure) - very, very young with much less pounds,

Tomorrow will be published the second clip selection.


  1. Ya I agree that I never really followed Kristie Ertzold's wrestling career very well...I suppose its due to the fact that in terms of looks, shes not really what I want to see, but in terms of wrestling, I would want to see her go up against better ladies like ziggy, xana, helen, etc...Kristine has a very good competitive spirit when it comes to wrestling.

    I think she's an incredible spokesperson for the wrestling scene too...I know she's been in a few documentaries where she talks about her career and the scene in a well respected manner

  2. Thanks for this compilation of Kristie! She is a very nice person outside the mats and it's a real pleasure staying in her company.I prefer her to all other women who are in the business. Some of those are real bitches but I won"t tell their names here. Kristie has always a positive attitude when she comes on mat and dosen't forget to bring always a smile with her. I must contradict you she wasn't always on the loser side. For example Grace had only won one match in front of Kristie from thier 5 or 6 mathces. She beat lot of women and also was defeated several times.But her procent of winning/losing is definetly in her favour. some 60%-40% or even better! I prefer her in place of Helen von mott for example who wins every time. It's boring watching women who win every wrestling match and von Mott is in this category. Kristie is more "human" regarding this aspect. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose this is what makes the fun in the end!

  3. Really nice. Who was the muscular blond opponent in the first two minutes? Thats was a hot match.

  4. It might be Casey: not sure, though.

  5. I have seen Kristie wear down several a struggling young lady with her superior strength, technique and more than a little just plain leaning on them until they are too tired to go much further. I too have heard she is an absolutely wonderful spokesman and a true joy to be around when you're not across the mat from her.

  6. I think the blonde woman is Linda and it is an APL match. The next clip is also APL; Kristie against Agnes, a FBB (or Valerie - I always get those two mixed up).