Friday, November 6, 2009

One Natural, Two Forced

Some like them, some don´t: they are the wedgies, this fetish specialty that is prone to appear in women wrestling. The first segment shows one that comes out for natural reasons (that is, if using a short two sizes smaller is natural) in a London Wrestling Studios video; the two others - from Tania Kicks and Academy - show wedgies as a fighting weapon.



  1. THe one from Tania Kicks is Dakota vs Zeta (not sure I spelled that right) but it was Dakota's debut on tape. trivia for us Dakota buffs

  2. I suppose I'm not a big fan of seeing forced wedgie as a wrestling tactic...but it has its appeal...for some reason the natural wedgie is a bigger turn on for me than the forced wedgie...I don't know why?

  3. Thanks for the information about TaniaKicks wrestlers and Dakota career (from whom I am a fan...)