Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Paradise Dolls Wrestling Association

The Paradise Dolls Wrestling Association (PDWA) is the venue for one of the best collection of wrestling comics in the planet. Produced by a gifted Japanese artist, nicknamed Tanuki (racoon) whose output is known as Kazetanuki (or the wind of a racoon...), it has outstanding graphical quality and a top notch understanding of the nature of women wrestling (not 100% sure about my translations from Japanese...).

You have seen his depictions of wrestling on this Blog before: you may recognize them by the variety and perfection of holds, choice of angles and bright colors. Only thing I would change: his trend to portray mostly slim girls who could easily pass as teenagers...

Anyway, there goes a sample of his many works, including some comic books pages.

He has a site (Japanese only) and his works are for sale in the huge fetish portal Maniax.


  1. thanks for the picasa album

  2. I always wondered who this artist was. Great work!