Sunday, November 22, 2009

Theater Two: Animation Fights

Pixar does not work with the female fighting subject yet; therefore, I have turned to the usual suspect, You Tube, as a source of these creations in pen and ink (or tablets and computers...) which are not bounded by the human body limits.

Japanese artists excel in that matter: here we see a sexy (and slippery...) pit fight well conceived and rendered.



  1. which anime is it?

  2. Please , somebody tell the name of that movie?

  3. It is a short sequence of a Queen´s Blade episode. One of those large Japanese fantasy worlds, Queen´s Blade comprises comic books, games and animation. It has been broadcasted on open TV networks in Japan, although heavily censored.

  4. Queen's Blade? hmmm
    This bears need for closer inspection, I think.