Saturday, November 28, 2009

Variations On A Theme

It is a staple pro-wrestling hold: an wrestler applies a back body scissors, rolls back while grabbing the victim´s torso by either the neck or arms making her legs jerking up in the air and finally slams her on the mat. That could go forever but usually lasts for less than one minute.

The video shows the same acrobatics in four notes: a vintage fight, a Japanese exhibition, old times from US (with Debbie Combs) and, the best, in the nude from Mildred Burke.



  1. I've heard it called a 'Keester Bump'.

  2. Whatever it's called that was good.

    It's probably one of the easiest moves to do by style but one of the hardest by strength.

  3. I've also heard it referred as a Keester Bump. It's considered a rest move as well; to let the women take a breather so to speak.

    the nude Mildred Burke one is very erotic, especially the slo-mo. Their wrestlers were always very capable; I wonder if any had parallel careers as pros?