Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food For Thought

December is beginning, holidays are coming, the end of the year is close, time to think aloud... Why are we reading this Blog? I already made a brief comment on the fetish side of female fighting here, mentioning two books that analyze the subject. However, in these works, female fighting was just one of the many fetishes analyzed.

Recently, I have found a comprehensive book totally dedicated to the subject. By Werner Sonntag, "Kampfes Lust" ("Fighting Lust") has more than 600 pages, profusely illustrated with historical images. The work came to light in 2002 and has just one shortcoming: it is available only in German. Anyway, about 10% of the Blog readers are from Germany, which makes some 1,800 people.

The book looks for a psychological explanation of why men have erotic fantasies watching women fight: in a live show, looking at drawings, photos, paintings, movies, sculptures, blogs - an endless list. And some like the real action, entering the mat with either a pro or amateur to fulfill their desires.

I do not have the book, which I would not be able to read anyway, but there is a good short interview with the author, in English, in the Female Single Combat Club site. There is a remark there that grabbed my attention: "The reaction of a man to watching female combats depends on his sexual biography and, first of all, on his childhood and youth".

Werner has a site and his book is on sale on Deutsch Amazon (of course...). One of the many illustrations of his book is reproduced below.



  1. Well i like reading your blog, because you post good material. Now on the other hand i have been fantasying about women fighting since i was a kid. I would capture in my mind visual images of women at stores, on TV, at school, in my neighborhood, etc and use them to create my fantasy. I love scenarios where bigger women dominate small women or even better Caucasian women dominating other women in fights. So for me i will always love women in combat whether it is something i take from my mind to paper, someone elses thoughts on paper or real live match or fake match up.

  2. I like reading about this sort of stuff. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the link to the very interesting interview. Too bad the book is only printed in German, that would be a great read.

  4. Werner as gone a long way to explaining that possibly an interst in female combat is just that and as prospered over many centuries.In 662 pages and 27 chapters he traces our interest from Egypt and China in 300BC through Greek and Roman times,through the Middle Ages to the present day.A good read for those who read German and may be worried that they are almost alone with their interest and could possibly be described as a pervert or worse.
    The books only drawback besides it's size is the price,which I believe currently to be around 90 Euro.

  5. I believe the interest in female fight can be passed down through the genes.During my late teens my mother found my fighting female mags which I had hidden,she then told me that she had enjoyed looking at them and she had herself enjoyed catfighting as a girl and young woman.Her last fight was when she was about thirty which was stopped due to injury to the other woman.She said she loved womens combat of all types and would have loved to take up wrestling but no clubs in the area.She regularly read my mags and brought my attention to articles in other porn mags that might be of interest to me.I realise how lucky I was to have a mother who shared my interest.

    1. Thanks for your candid testimony. I guess she was only interested in the sport combative aspects and not in the erotic entertainment it gives to a man. A very complicated subject, indeed.

    2. She never discussed the porn side of things.I believe the bouts where private with only small group of women of same mind present.
      I prefer Profesional/Amature Women Wrestling in a ring with holds and Submissions that has not been scripted or has promotional razz matazz.Alas this seems limited today unlike during 70s & 80s.My favourite womens submission is surfboard which requires skill to apply.