Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grab And Smash

Other title for this post could be "Milk Festival": it is a parade of boobies grabbing, pressing and twisting and little wrestling. The segments are in increasing order of assets size: first, from a movie called "Barn Brawlin´Babies" (my choice amongst the three), producer unknown to me, Joan Wise and Tia Gunn vs X-Nasty from the subject matter experts, Napali Video.

1 comment:

  1. MMMmmm, yes, I like the outfit which Bunny Glamazon is wearing in the 2nd segment. Wished she wore the same outfit while wrestling & beating FBB Laura Vukov for Joan Wise esp. while Laura was sitting on Bunny's face at some point during that match. Bunny Glamazon, a giantess for some, over 6' tall. Very strong, very angry but totally outclassed by the much shorter Helen von Mott during a match between them at the Womens Wrestling Conventions.