Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not For Real, Unfortunately

Bizarre Magazine is still active and from time to time they feature (not very frequently, tough) a catfight. The clip below is a behind the scenes view of a photo shooting published a long time ago. The famous Aria Giovanni is one of the stars.



  1. I have never heard of Bizarre Magazine, but that was hot.

  2. Anyone remember Nugget or Cavalier magazines? They would every once in a while have a catfight or mud wrestling photo article. Nugget (I think, I get the two confused) used to have a regular feature of 'Catfight Letters' or something where they published letters they recieved from readers about catfight stories. Apparently they recieved a lot of these letters.

  3. Bianca is from Montreal! I really wanted her for my website since she's the sexiest woman on earth!!! from Montreal too!
    But she doesnt do real fights, which is a big lost for our business!

    dont you guys think?!

    I love all her latex suits her like a glove!

    the feeling of latex on the skin is amazing....

    one of my dream would be to wrestle her in oil! hahaha in a latex outfit!!!