Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Three fights, three holds, three out of ordinary positions: first segment is from Lusa Entertainment, second from Japan with my favorite slim girls and third from WWE RAW.

Please, look at Mutiny (protagonist of the first segment) remarks about the holds in the post comments below.


  1. The first one we could call the "wheelbarrel", LoL
    The second one was a variant of some kind of abdominal stretch (I love those).
    The third was when Gail Kim got Victoria to tap out ... or at least that was the hold she used when that happened (I dont remember it being a tag match)

  2. Always funny, always creative, your remarks are welcome, Mr.Rock...

  3. hahaha My friend Entropy ( Just told me I was in the first video!!!

    I did this video at lusaent like 3 years ago I think. This girl is probably the hottest girl I fought in 5 years in the wrestling business. The bad thing in that kind of situation is that its hard to concentrate!

    Seriously, yeah, we could call it a wheelbarrel. But I didnt grab her arm, and it looks like nothing really. It seems like I didnt know what to do next because at this point I didnt have my pro wrestling training so I didnt even know what that position/move/hold was!

    I think we could call this move : Mutiny's inspiration of the moment!!!

    By the way, Im the blond girl who's in the domination position!

    If you have more videos like that with weird holds I do, ill comment them all!!!

    If you post something about me here, let me know, Ill come back and comment it!!!

    just write me!!!

    Thanks again for posting that!
    also, it reminds me how great my hair was and how stupid I am now that I dyed my hair black....This is why I prefere to tell you guys which girl I am because my hair is always changing so maybe you didnt recognize me..or maybe you just dont know me at all! haha

    Happy holidays to all of you!! xxx

    Marilyn- Mutiny

  4. Hi again!

    I just checked the other videos...

    You are right Mr Rock, its an abdominal stretch. A lot of people think that pro wrestling is fake and doesnt hurt, but I can tell you one thing. This abdominal stretch really hurts. First, its very hard for the person who's applying the hold to do it. Honestly, I cant even find enough balance to do it in a match. Second, if you are the person to receive this painful hold, you really must trust the person who's doing it to you, because they can easily break your arm, but also messed up your ribs (it might sounds stupid, but im very serious about it!) eveyrtime somebody did it to me in a pro wrestlin gmatch, I know it will hurt for days!!! I really hate this hold...

    If you check carefully, her second arm is on the ground, so she could have a little control on whats happening. Usually, when you apply it properly, you'll have the other arm of the girl behind your legs, so its even more painful...

    For the third match...

    Gail kim is starting with an flying headscissors because she's an highflyer wrestler (this is what I am too in pro wrestling) which means she is usually the smallest one who can fly and do spots from the top wrote or simply jump and bounce everywhere in the ring and the other girls (our opponents) are usually power wrestlers. Which means they are doing the big moves, like powerbombs, suplexes, etc.

    So, she goes with the flying headscissors, she doesnt finish it because of course her opponent knows she'll do that and she will block it. So she'll finish the move with a submission and they dont really have a name for this one, I just asked 4 of my pro wrestler friends and they all told me different names like : headscissors armbar, headscissors shoulder stretch!

    Ill still try to find an exact name for it...and Ill let you know if I find something :-)


  5. Thanks, Mutiny, for your remarks. I think it is the first time a renowned
    wrestler makes comments about the posts. I will let you know about other posts on the weird holds subject - which are one of my preferences and of many others too...

  6. Astrogalo, its a pleasure!!! I love to watch forums and blogs, but I dont always hve the time since I have to edit all my videos, post them all on the website, update the website, etc. I love to do my own stuff so I dont have a webmaster and I would need more time to do what I love best : chatting with wrestling fans online!

    Write me in private, Ill give you a passcode for a membership on my website, and if you'd like you could post clips here :-) or pictures, I dont mind :-)


  7. A word on Gail Kim'sFlyingFigure Eight (or whatever). When Gail Kim came to WWE she won the championship right off the bat in a Battle Royal. And unless you were familiar with the independent scene you never knew who she was. Then she lost it and everyone thought 'Maybe she is a flash in the pan.'
    Then she does this non-title match against Victoria where she whips out that move causing Victoria to submit (Victoria held the Women's Title at the time).
    That's when you knew Gail Kim was something special. Not just for beating Victoria (kayfabe) but for using such a manuever I'll never forget.