Thursday, December 24, 2009

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (2)

Robin was the referee in the previous post but now she is on the mat. And against Raven, at that time known as Nancy. The movie is California Supreme CS126.

The first post on Raven has the same fight, but with a shorter and different scene.


  1. With California Supreme I always wonder wether the matches were scripted or genuine competitive?

    For example: Raven seems to be dominant over Robin in this match. Raven did wrestle the likes of New Zealands power house Lisa-Marie and got completely beaten. New Zealands powerhouse 5'10 Lisa-Marie is overpowered by the much smaller Robin for California Supreme(CS) in their 1st encounter. In their 2nd encounter with CS, Lisa-Marie totally dominates Robin ?
    Odd to say the least.

  2. It is a good point, Airlock_Km: that is the reason I qualify some bouts as semi-competitive: it is not staged but they don´t make a full throttle effort to overcome the foe If they get a submission, ok; if not, it is Ok too. It is more the pleasure of a body contact and... the money, of course.

  3. Astrogalo has made this point before; Premier Productions videos are similar - nice, sweaty, muscular (in the case of PP) action and the submissions come very easy.

    Still, a pleasure to watch :)