Thursday, December 31, 2009

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (3)

Following our series on famous wrestlers early years, I have today a short clip with Beatrice Goffin, the belgian fighter with accomplished wrestling skills rarely beaten - if ever, on the mats.

I am almost sure it is from a Festelle Video, because of venue settings and... the discrete presence of the also well known Jeff the Ref, a guy who used to be in every ring where two women were fighting at that time.



  1. Spot on,the bout was for Festelle in London and her opponent was Sherry.I have from time to time requested the help of Belgian fans in finding out what became of Beatrice.All I have ever learned is she and her husband left the scene a few years back when a scandal arose and the police were involved.
    You mention another well respected authority in the scene "Jeff the Ref" who also seems to be missing from recent times.I only recall seeing him on one fairly recent Festelle offering,before that you have to go back some years to his work with DWW.

  2. Thanks, Klaus, good to hear from you again.

    Happy 2010!


  3. Reaction to what Klaus said.
    Yes, there was a scandal in which Beatrice, her husband and her club located in Jemelle in the Belgian Ardennes was involved. Beatrice and her husband even reacted to the accusations during an interview on national television. I think the main reason why it turned out to becoming a scandal was that ppl just didn't get the whole m/f & f/f wrestling like Beatrice practiced. And due to the misunderstanding accusations emerged like prostitution, violence and even the presence of possible minors involvement. Think sexy Beatrice leaving the scene was a blow for the scene also because she could take and beat even the best.

  4. This video clip is most precious to me. It is Part 1 of FV#34, a video covering an international festival promoted by Women Combat Sports, London, November 8, 1986. Part 2 featured Beatrice vs Rhea, of Germany.

    WCS's champion, well built and sexy Sherry, was my favourite. I almost cried seeing her defeated 5:0 in front of her crowd (no wonder you don't hear much clapping of hands), and her pupils. The winner was Beatrice Goffin, a woman who had taken wrestling to heart since 1968, had won her first licence to be a wrestling trainer in 1976 in Belgium when there was no such thing as women wrestling, and with perseverance, sweat, and work had obtained the month before a greater victory than this 5:0. In October 1986, the Ligue National de Lutte (Belgium) recognized Les Lutteuses Rochefortoises (Beatrice's club), and with it the acceptance of women wrestling in that country. It was received with a great "Hurrah!" by the few dozen girls who had been trying to get some recognition in "male only" clubs, to no avail.

    I came to know personally Beatrice and Sherry, both loving personalities, and mostly through correspondence, I befriend Beatrice, and then her family.

    I believe I know the facts behind the judicial inquest (pending since 2005 - justice does go slow sometimes) on Beatrice and Michel, her husband, and I see no reason to stop being their friend. I would not if a sniff of underage exploitation or prostitution had been in the air. Beatrice and Michel trained their girls (over 18...) to be champions, not whores.

    I discovered this blog today, and beg your pardon for being so long. But I had just discovered that a very naughty girl, whom I admonished personally not to smoke so much, is now a gold medalist... Nadege d'Eurwilher, 1st place Womens NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight (50-55 kg), at NAGA World Championships, April 5, 2010. A year os so after being a mother, as once before her, her trainer Beatrice.

  5. Thanks, Agraf74, for your very informative comments. Those first hand accounts of events are very important to the fans I envy you because I didn't have the opportunity of getting to know those wrestlers in person. Coincidentally, Beatrice Goffin will be the subject of a Blog post in the next days.