Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grapevines Class

One favorite hold, many performers: Kristie and Valerie exchanging grapevines for APL, in the bed with mini-skirts from unknown source and, the best one, from Ultimate Surrender, Jade vs Shannon, with the excellent camera top views, as a Blog reader noticed an while ago.



  1. It seems that the taller you are the more effective the hold is. I've also seen women stretch the legs out even more for greater impact (pain).

    Poor Valerie (APL). She was the one who got roughed up by Weilin Dragoon in another APL film. I think though she is a legit martial artist - I would like to see her more recently up against a Xana or Robin or Ziggy.

  2. Speaking of poor Valerie of APL, well actually I am not speaking of Valerie but about Kristie Etzold whom too was roughed up by Weillin Dragoon when Kristie started doing matches for APL; roughed as - she got her big ass kicked -

  3. I had the Weilin - Kristie match. Kristie did okay but as airlock says, Weilin was too tough.

    I loved watching Weilin; she seemed to have a nasty edge to her. Does anyone know where I can find some clips of her (f/f)?