Friday, January 22, 2010

More Into The Basement

More from the underground world: another fighting shot by Crystal Video with our very natural lady wrestlers. Amazing how they manage not to collide with any of the piled garbage nor the pillars.



  1. Can anyone fill me in about the 'basement' ; who got it started, how long it lasted and who / why it was discontinued ?

    Were the live events advertised anywhere when they were taking place ? I've been a fan for so long I can't believe I never heard of it until these clips.

  2. It is an old Crystal Video production, Harmony Club#23, I guess from the early 80s. I don´t know how many productions were shot in such primitive setting.
    Later on, they moved up one notch with the Catfights from the Den series where they had a makeshift ring.. and one or two cushions for fighters protection.
    More Basement clips are on the way...

  3. On CV-135 there was a segment in which the host of this video claimed that Crystal Films regularly sponsored fights in the Hell Fire club. Imagine my suprise as this video showed a sponsored Hell Fire club match in which a big titted porn star was fighting.

  4. Those basements fights are the real beginning of true female wrestling! All of those videos beat many of those which are filmed today. Thanks