Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naked Knots

More naked pieces on the way: Academy and Tigra, with similar holds, and DWW. Images are better than words.



  1. If you like me think that realy
    competitive intense and aggressive
    nude female fighting is the most
    excitng and sexy sport in the world
    then you have to see the best of DWW, Festelle and Woman Worriors
    which are much better than the examples from this clip.
    The best in my opinion are from Xana vs Timea C
    from FOM-235 and Anna L vs Anikoe
    from DWW-227. But the fights from DWW 83, 135,141, 142 and some other are also good.
    Festelle: A real contender of the title The Very Best: Tina vs Anita from FV 112. The fights from FV 125, 131 and 132(intense nude boxing!) are also very good.
    All nudefights from woman worriors are very good.
    Sadly neither DWW or Festelle has
    produced anything that comes near to the quality these during the last seven years or so.

  2. Women Warriors are in my top 3 list for best competitive nude; there are several clips from them spread in the Blog.
    Xana vs Timea C is not in my library but I will look for it. On the other hand, FV112 Tina vs Anita is there and also in the Blog: it was a great fight indeed.
    However, do not forget Fighting Style because they have good (and few) competitive nude bouts.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments!

  3. In the sampleclip of Xana from October 2009 there is a sequence from DWW:s FOM-235 with Xana vs TImea C. By the way, from witch DWW production is the clip with this very tanned girl?

  4. At the end of the DWW-clip you can see that it's produced 2002.
    The very tanned girl may be
    Timea S.

  5. the last one from dww is the best.i can't find anything =(