Thursday, January 7, 2010

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (4)

Todays´s young wrestler is Venus DeLight, showing up in her Carla persona, almost unrecognizable by fans more used to her later appearances as a voluptuous fantasy wrestler. The two fights in the video are from my favorite missing producer, Video Sports, with their signature competitive matches.



  1. Great clip ... VSL was the best !

  2. Guess the blonde is Venus/ Carla or is she ? Whom are the other wrestlers ? VSL, have seen a few and noticed they somehow r connected with California Wildcats. Were the VSL matches scripted or competitive ? Two of my favs have performed for VSL too: Lisa Marie and Blake Mitchell :-)

  3. Carla used to be the competitive alter ego of Venus. Unfortunately, she did not use these skills many times. The first adversary of Carla is Sherry and, the second, the fearsome Patty.
    VSL was fully competitive and, as far as I know, the sporty branch of California Wildcats.

  4. Isn't the site VSL still active?
    A happy and healthy 2010 to everyone here on the blog!

  5. Video Sports Ltd doesn't produce material anymore--too bad!--but the videos are still available for purchase (download) on the California Wildcats website. Go to the Download page, and there,s a link to the VS videos.

    I had NO idea the brunette was Venus!!! Thanks! She gave a great performance in this event.

  6. Right , VSL was the competitive side of CW and all matches were competitive or at least seemed that way in everyone I ever saw.

    Unfortunately , they stopped producing due to poor sales - go figure. I believe the last they did was ' Summer Sweat : The Lightweights Ordeal' and was a fantastic round robin that eventually had Nadge and Amy O. wrestling to a long, hard fought draw.

    One of the best girl wrestling tournaments you'll ever see. I'm scoring it this hight not only because of the competitiveness but the sexiness too. VSL proved that girl wrestling can remain sexy as hell even if the girls know what they're doing.


  7. Yeah, Marty did a SUPERB job with Video Sports Ltd and their videos are gold.

    I'm just glad they're still available.

    Much Thanks for that clip but PLEASE refrain from saying VSL or any producer is "missing" when they're very much alive and well.

    If VSL videos weren't around anymore nobody could duplicate 'em (I mean produce similarly super matches with his competitors).

    They're THAT good.

  8. Actually, that is not Venus/Carla. That is Precious Pink from both CalWild biker girl fights. Patty was LeDawn.

    PP did some sweet catfights for Napali too.

  9. That is Carla/Venus missing her blonde hair. That is Precious Pink in the first fight as the blonde. She also did some nice Napali catfights. The second fight is Venus vs Patty who is more well know as LeDawn. PP and LeDawn did both biker catfights for CalWild. LeDawn's Napali fights were not so great.