Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Battle Of Stars (14): The Unrespectful Employee

This is not the first time we see an wrestling team member against her boss. Lee Price, a good hand palm taller, challenges Joan Wise herself in a vintage video. Not a fully competitive thing, it is well enacted. I had already forgotten how hot was JW, specially with that small swimsuit.



  1. I agree and speaking of hot, Lee looks hot too in that tiny yellow bikini. Speaking of Lee Price, Joan Wises blonde muscle queen who got het pretty ass kicked in many of her productions yet I cannot deny the impreesion that Lee was in fact the jobber of Joan Wise productions like Mia Walters & Tasha are for Double Trouble and Lolita for Les femmes Fatales ?
    Is Lee Price this jobber ?
    Liked the facesitting endings too which were a ever recurring part of the Joan Wise productions.

  2. Yes, unfortunately JW went down the semi-competitive path early, with facesitting being a recurring theme. Very few from what I could tell were actual competitive matches. The ones that were would be great, considering the women Joan had

    As for Joan, pictures of her in her prime are hard to find, but word was she was a great grappler. In this video she was obviously much older and past her "prime".

    If anyone could let us know about the early days, how good Joan actually was, any real videos she did, it would be truly fascinating.

    What I did hear is she claimed, while not sure she could beat Judell Dulong (she was much smaller) she did assure others that she would certainly get her to submit at one point.....

    Now that would have been something.