Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Feline Fighter

Jaguar used to be a Joan Wise satellite specialized in apartment catfights ending by a face-sitting with a good portion of domination. Videos are still on sale at Joan Wise site but it seems not many new releases have seem the daylight lately. It is a big video collection with both female only and mixed bouts.



  1. Man, I love this Blog.
    The thing I love about Joan Wise stuff is that at least the women look like they are fighting. I hate fuckin' fakey ass crap, man. These chicks look hot and the trash talk is great. I wish they would make a video wherein they would fight like this over a hot built male that is watching them in a thong. Winner gets fuk rights on the male. That would be a hot video.

  2. Thought it was a good clip.

    (Of course, I fast-forwarded the face-sitting but otherwise there was a lot of good effort by the participants.)