Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grueling Combat

Hard fought - and sometimes vicious, interracial combat for Catfight Haven between Adriana and Yana.



  1. Black vs white girls always are very exciting. I love the way the blonde girl gets put in an armbar or armlock around 1:01 of the match and then also gets trapped in a great leg scissors around 1:10. She wasn't prepared for that I bet. :)

  2. Good clip.

    (Didn't I tell everybody Renee's CF Haven's products were really, good ? ...

    ... It feels good to be vindicated.)

    Cheers !

  3. I love renee's stuff. Especially her two competitive duels with Dakota

  4. I showed this clip to my friend and she predicted right that Yana would get the best of it against blonde Adriana. She notes Yana’s superior speed and the great use of those legs scissors with combinations of other locks etc. At about 0:37 of the clip she has on the scissors and pulls on Adriana’s head tying her up nice. Adriana is on top but looks befuddled. She laughed at how Yana put on that armbar and amazingly snapped on a leg scissors around the blondes head. When Adriana on top at about 1:20 gets her head pulled back by Yana and you can see it hurts! Yana is a smart cookie indeed. I like the part around 1:37 when Yana has Adriana on her stomach in a scissors again you can hear Adriana blurting out an “Ow!” when the black girl straightens her legs pouring on the pain. It’s funny how Yana grabs hold of Adriana’s hair at the top of her head making it quite unpleasant for her. She’s quite red also from Yana’s slaps and scissors I guess. She brilliantly rolls the blonde girl over on her butt keeping the scissors on and wraps her arms around her chin securing her. Great move! My friend said she was just to fast for the blonde and you can definitely see she is right. I’d love to see more of that clip because it’s really good.