Friday, February 26, 2010


More girls using ring parts to help in submitting their foes. Golden Girls, Double Trouble, Raslingal, Arena: those are the producers displayed below. Moves are particularly vicious and... totally fake for the sake of wrestlers health.



  1. That was a young Belinda Belle in the first clip. I love a woman who knows how to use the ropes to her advantage.

  2. Very nice post. I always preferred heels and heels love the ropes, don't they! The second clip was well-done but that third clip (Raslingal?)was something else - very convincing kicks and punches with very erotic close-up and "personal" action.

    While the Fabulous Moolah couldn't compete in the looks department with these women she was, in my opinion, the mistress of the ropes.

  3. The segment featuring Mutiny where she almost kisses the other wrestler is so frickin erotic! Love that Mutiny!!

  4. Loved this post--esp.the raslingal clip! More please :-)

  5. Yep...the girl with short hair french kissing sybil starr...thats me!

    well, you all know she is way more skilled than I am...BUT! I have my special weapons!

    and its always working with Sybil!!
    you see how she is reacting when Im kissing her!? she stops complaining and screaming and she wants more!

    we scrathing, no bitting...they didnt say anything about grabbing, punching...licking, and..kissing!

    I know what I can do best! haha

    yes, it was for raslingal!

    thanks again for posting this! I never saw that video!

    when you do it, because you are in the ''action'' you sometime dont realize its going to be on a DVD!

    but im still very proud to have a way to win against Sybil Starr!

    and soon :