Monday, March 15, 2010

The Austrian Beauty Again

Luzia is here again: after more than one year after the first post, I have collected more clips about her long career and put then together here. The fisrt is DWW-245 against Vera, DWW-273 against Daniela, DWW-320 facing Eva and Monika (tag team), EU-090 battling Louise, FOM-174 Tiffany, and FOM-418 against Antonia.
She has retired and I guess we will not see new adventures with her.

Here also goes a Luzia fan´s link with more information.



  1. These clips immediately break up upon viewing them ; DWW's way of preventing un-authorized viewing I assume ?

    DWW and California Wildcats were always on top of their stuff being viewed without their consent and always quick to take action.

    I can't blame them but I also seeing it working in their favor. I've bought quite a few videos from both of them after seeing short clips posted.

    That first clip was really interesting to me ... happen to know it's tile or an ID number ?

  2. Yeah, the clips break up

  3. Luzia is a Czech girl. While DWW is located in Austria, the two teams consisted of Czechs and Hungarians.

  4. Astrogalo:

    Copy me from the first comment regarding playback.

    I had to stop this clip 30 sec. into playback. It was that bad.

    Hopefully you can replace it; would love to see her.


  5. THANK YOU for your working dynamic blog. This video is now not clear.