Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Battle of Stars (24): Revenge?

I am not sure if it was a revenge: there is another fight between Tina and Raven for Women Warriors here, where the brunette was beaten by the tiny dinamo. As I do not know if the fight below for Joan Wise (VT-206) happened before or after the other one, I will keep the question mark.

What I know is that this combat is one of the best matches - I might well use the tag competitive, I have ever seen from Joan Wise. Adding the nudity factor, that makes it a three star.



  1. love, tina she was such a good wrestler for her size. did she ever wrestle nadge? think i saw a pic of her being head scissored by nadge.

  2. My guess is that this Joan Wise vid was shot b4 the other of Women Warriors. Why? Because of Raven's appearance.

  3. I think you are right, Airlock_nl, the WW video was in fact a Tina's revenge

  4. Faye, as far as I know, Tina did not meet Nadege on the mats.

  5. I suspect that Nadege would have easily handled Tina, also, for that matter, Raven

  6. There is NOTHING better than seeing Tina getting a humiliating facesit. These clips are always appreciated! I wish you provided torrents for these files too.

  7. These two videos are stunning. I got extremely horny watching these ladies go at it hard and raw. This sort of thing drives me wild and I am so glad to have found this BLOG. Keep 'em cumming!


  8. The nudewrestling from Joan Wise
    is surprisingly exciting in this
    clip. But if the girls from the
    previous clip had tried the same
    "clothing" then they would have
    been the most sexy women in the