Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Battle of Stars (23): Two Sizes

Once more, large size and weight differences between Nadege and Kristie Etzold. However, the former has one big advantage: more stamina (and some extra skills too...). The fight happened at Tania Kicks premises.



  1. Nice clip ! Yeah, Kristie Etzold: big, bad and very experienced. Yet a match against Belgian Nadege isn't the first time Kristie gets waisted. Small beating Big adds a certain exitement to female combat which I like. Many fans tend to prefer their favourite fighter getting beaten over her winning bouts.

  2. Nadege is so much fun to watch. She takes on everyone, regardless of size or skill (she was smacked around by a BSA kickboxer / martial artist in one match.

    She seems to have picked up some BJJ which makes her even more deadly.


  3. Nice post! That was fun to watch :)

    Kristie is surprisingly flexible for a big girl.

  4. very erotic and sexy.thesmaller woman gave as good as she got.would love to have these two lady's do a scripted fight,with a slight dom twist to an whoever wins ending.

  5. Kyla Luciano, who was about the same size as Nadege, beat her in a match by what looked like a choke. Nadege protested but the win was given to Kyla. Does anyone know more about that match?