Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Fight Of The Redwoods

The video quality is not that good but their legs look like the sequoia trunks found in the famous United States park. The clip has Charlene Rink fighting for Utopia ww-6 against a foe unknown to me.



  1. Charlene Rink is/was my favorite girl wrestler of all time ... but this clip isn't of her.

    It's a girl named Lynzee and bodybuilder Karen Konya.

    Good clip, but not of my girl Charlene ;>)

  2. Problem with these buffed women is often their lack of wrestling experience but there are exceptions like for example Ziggy Lariss. If 2 of these women with plenty of experience wrestle, their strength applied the right way will result in some some bone crushing holds. Still it is great, sexy watching 2 (I wish my wife/gf would look that way) strong women wrestling in a fairly serious manner :-)

  3. I remember this particular video ending with an awesome camel clutch!

  4. They should have had a double headscissors match for that bed.