Saturday, April 17, 2010

Extra Weight

From Homemade Catfights has come this cozy domestic brawl between two large size women from the "girl next door" category.



  1. When searching the internet I used to stumble upon stories about encounters between ordinary people and wrestlers/catfighters; sorta like a homemade fighting escort. I heard stories about porn star/ catfighter Blake Mitchell being hired to fight someone's wife and about Hollywood being hired to fight at someone's home. Of one of Hollywood's encounters I found some pictures. Question is wether these and other story are truthfully or are they wishfull thinking ? Reckon for the women on the wb270 it does not matter wether a man or a woman hires them to fight them aslong as the money is right ?

  2. Liked this clip a hell of a lot, save for the pillow fighting (stupid) but otherwise a great clip.

    I'm a definite admirer of that full-figured look so these fems make for extra good fortune.

    Much Thanks & Appreciation.