Friday, April 23, 2010

Holds In The Raw

Other day I mentioned an Ultimate Surrender lookalike - Nude Fight Club, with less than good staged naked fights. Compare that with this Isis vs Tori Lane: I am not saying they are fully competitive but certainly they had some previous wrestling training.


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  1. I think there will always be some kind of "clone" for female wrestling companies. At this point, anything with wrestling & sexuality has already been done. So its pretty hard for any company to be original in the wrestling fetish field.

    With that said, all we can do is appreciate whatever each company produces.

    Sure we can compare a list of things like:
    -the amount of wrestling knowledge
    -production value
    -match ideas
    -Ladies looks (eye candy counts!)

    I don't mind staged / scripted wrestling at all. I've seen a few Naked Fight Club videos and I agree the wrestling is horrible, but the ladies look nice and the sex ending is a nice bonus on a lousy wrestling match.

    I like both Naked Fight Club & Ultimate Surrender. They both have their good and bad for me to enjoy :)