Saturday, April 10, 2010

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (6)

Watch a quite leaner Spice Williams on her earlier days of wrestling working for Golden Girls against Goldie. Fighting (and acting) are not that good. But Spice already had the strength: watch her easily spinning Goldie on the air.


  1. Aptly named, Spice was and still is HAWT!

  2. " Fighting (and acting) are not that good. "

    It was good enough !

    Are Spice and Goldie ever not good ??? ...

    Hardly ...

    They're always peaches & cream, imho.

    Much Thanks & Appreciation for it.

  3. I have some of their silents with Mildred Burke, and yes they were always hot together. I heard that Roselyn Royce passed away some time ago. I was sorry to hear that.

    1. Thanks for the information. If you want to post the silents here, please, get in touch by e-mail.