Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Smoking Lesson

I think there is a sexual fetish called smoking. It seems this is the background subject in this Creative Films featuring the porn star and catfighter Blake Mitchell.



  1. Tori Sinclair and Tanya Danielle, actually. Not Blake Mitchell, sadly. :) But thanks for the clip!

  2. I agree, Tanya Danielle vs Tori Sinclair. Hot in their own way but not Blake Mitchell sadly.
    As a collector of Blake Mitchell fighting, there are only 2full 'matches' I haven't seen yet with her on video; one is with Crystalfilms and one is with Ringmaster Girls.

  3. Thanks for the correction, folks.

  4. I would LOVE to see your collection, airlock. :) I'm a huge Blake Mitchell fan.

    I finally got to see her Fantasies in Oil match from California Wildcats. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more intense, and the constant voiceover was annoying, but she looked great in that match, and Raven did too.

  5. Fantasies in oil, yes got that one. I moderate 4 Yahoo groups on Blake Mitchell fighting. Maybe there is a way for you to enter them? hannes_dl

  6. That would be awesome! Would it be against the rules to post the links here?



  7. Dunno, let's find out ;-)

  8. I wouldn't call smoking a fetish in this case.

    I'd simply call it a piss-poor prop for what could have been a great nude fem wrestling video.

    I stopped it after about 1:40 after seeing that exhaled puff of smoke.

    Obviously this video was meant for those who find smoking a big add-on for sexual arousal.

    Maybe for some but it's just not for me.