Sunday, May 2, 2010

Theater One: Schoolgirl Pin

For obvious reasons, YouTube is not the best repository for this sexy hold. Anyway, there are a dozen clips with that woman over woman position which are worth watching. In addition, an APL clip with topless wrestlers.


1 comment:

  1. The schoolgirl pin is easily one of my least fave positions. Wait ... I'll go beyond that ... I think it's stupid.

    Like, what is more babyish than sitting on your fellow competitor's breast, neck & shoulders with your knees bearing down like that ??? ...

    To show how good you can balance your butt on a cushion of mammaries ??? ...

    Unlike sexy, busty bear-hugging, this doesn't really allow for a victory by effort but rather is an attempt to use your butt's center of gravity to gain victory. Yes, this can be done but I think it makes the butt-sitter look like she's smothering for a pin instead of athletically doing it.

    To each his or her own but I still think that's one reason it's corny, crude and dumb.

    Just my views ...