Saturday, June 12, 2010

Break For A Pro-Wrestling Combat

That is a standard movie with ninjas, dragons, weird costumes, all of the B-class stuff regarding female and mixed fights that comes from hundreds of producers all over the world. But in the middle of this particular "Dragon Against Whatever", the two stars go to a room with an welcome and fit mat and start a full pro-wrestling match round. The only missing thing is a referee with a striped shirt.



  1. Would almost be worth watching the rest of the movie, just to see if the rest of it is as campy, but surprising amusing, as this fight sequence

  2. excuse me, what's the name of this movie ...this video ..full name is ...?please tell me
    thank you

    1. Amazing how there is public for this "ancient" posts. But nowadays I have the answer: it is a scene from "Ninja Dragon" (1986) from Japan